WELCOME TO THE WEBSITE FOR MY BRAIN HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN,, a book containing stories, jokes, funny songs and parodies.

Just below is a link if you wish to purchase the book. Above and to the side (below on phones and tablets)  are internal links to videos and blog posts in the ongoing quest for silliness.

Clicking on the preview tab below lets you read the start of the book, and the videos introduce you to a couple of the songs.  If you like what you have seen there, I hope you’ll want to purchase the book to see more.  If you  choose to review it on Amazon, I will be extremely grateful.

Click here for the print version or Kindle download.. The matchbook price of the Kindle download is free with the purchase of the print version.  And, of course, if you buy the print version you get a lovely picture of me on the cover suitable for framing or pinning to a dart board.

UK readers click here.

 Two videos  of songs from the book are viewable in the videos section of this website.  In the blog section you will find the ongoing search for abject silliness updated as new clues are discovered. You may have to click on the title in some places to view the entire post.

Barely competent renditions of the other songs from the book are now available. Click on “The Songs.”  These will only be accessible to those who have the password found at the back of the book.  The  reason is  that people who pay their shekels might not like to know that someone who doesn’t put down the cash gets a free perk which they had to pay for.   The videos are available for everyone.

Of course, I welcome your returning regularly to the freely accessed blog section whether you buy the book or not and I hope it will entertain when you do. I heartily solicit your comments and reactions.