You’re wondering whose?  Actually, today is my 72nd birthday. I’m hoping you will indulge an old man as I wax philosophical for a bit, after which I will hope to entertain you with a couple of jokes, both of which I believe to be original.


As long as the numbers have to keep going up, I am relatively happy to be turning 72.  This is mainly because it’s an even number.  I don’t like the odd numbered ages after 40 if they end in 1, 3, or 7. I’m not entirely sure why. There just seems to be something especially unremarkable  about 43, 57, 71, etc. that makes me feel less than anchored.. They feel aimless, purposeless, in their own existential crisis perhaps. I have the feeling that as we grow older, the years kind of buddy up in there and in odd years there’s one of them hanging out by itself and feeling lonely.  As I’ve said, my brain has a mind of its own .

The years ending in the number 5 have a milestone aspect to them that leaves them exempt from this criticism.  I  sense that  the years that have accumulated to that point treat the -5 year mark as a plateau where they all get together and reminisce about the progress so far.  The exception is the age of 55, where the rest of them just seem to say “Okay you two fives, shake hands and have a ball!”

I am somewhat ambivalent on the years ending in 9.  They have the dual character of looking back on the decade about to pass and forward to the decade approaching. This gives them an edge over the other odd-numbered years, a schizophrenic one but an edge nonetheless.  At the same time, when I’ve reached the years ending in 9, I’ve generally felt it was time to move on the next ten (a nice even number) and get this one over with.

Speaking of getting things over with, on to the jokes– much, I’m sure, to the relief of those of you who have made it this far.

  1. I have gotten so old that the last time I got my drivers license renewed, I wondered which one of us would expire first.
  2. I’m so old I forget the punchline to this joke.     

Hope that wasn’t too anticlimactic.  The video page has a relevant song parody if you’re still looking for more.

Happy birthday to me. You can have a happy one too. Just save this in case I forget it when it gets here.

{Footnote: for those of you who were so observant as to notice that there are an odd number of candles on the cake pictured above, email your complaints to my graphics editor==ArtClip@makebelieve.org.}

To purchase the book full of this kind of silliness click here.




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