{I know TMC is so sour he gives grapes a bad name, but occasionally there is something worth noticing, however small, in his curmudgeonly insights, and so, once again, I yield the platform to him.  Richard)



POW (proprietor of website for those  with dismally short memories) wouldn’t recognize an insight, in his sight or out of it.  These snarky comments of his I put up with to avoid the dreary tasks he performs, however poorly, maintaining a website.

While I am supremely delighted to observe the nasty turn that political discourse has taken in this country, I am endlessly annoyed by the accompanying perseveration on certain terms, the use and overuse of the same disparaging word to describe the people on the side you don’t like. Repeating the same words or phrases that everyone else is using shows a shameful lack of originality in thought and offends those of more refined intellect and discernment like myself.  With all the delightful words and phrases that exist to humiliate those you don’t like, it is little more than shameful to blandly repeat what the last guy said. In fact this repetition merely blunts the sting of the barbs that the speaker wishes to inflict upon his/her object of disdain.

The word that has lately grated my refined nervous system the most  by its constant repetition is “feckless.”  It is, in truth, a most excellent term, perfect for diminishing the perceived value of the person described and hopefully making your opponent feel as worthless as they no doubt are.

The dictionary definitions of feckless are 1. Incompetent, ineffective and 2. indifferent, lazy. I first noticed its entrance into the language of commonly trite political punditry as a description of President Obama’s foreign policy. I agree that this is as apt a description of his decisions in this area as it is for many of the presidents and politicians who came before him. Maybe it was just his peculiar misfortune to appear on the world stage at the same time as the run-of-the-mill republicans and commentators who opposed him were discovering this innately marvelous word.

As things tend to go, the left has latched on to the word with vehemence, especially two no-talent comedians who applied it to the president’s family with an unsurpassed nastiness and vulgarity that normally would have me grinning for days.  Unfortunately, that potential for delight is more than quenched by the annoyance of hearing the word so much that it has lost its impact and meaning.

So, as much as it pains me to attack the vocabulary of insult, I have come up with a solution to end this overuse and abuse of the word “feckless.”  I take my strategy from the more intuitive understanding of the word, that is, something that is feckless is obviously lacking in fecks!  If people had all the fecks that anyone could possibly want them to have, calling them “feckless” would be blatantly silly and irrelevant and people would be ashamed to use the term.

I  therefore propose a charity to raise money for the purchase of fecks.  I call it “Fecks For The Feckless”.  I will gladly support this worthy endeavor once POW gets his lazy butt in gear and figures out how to start a Go Fund Me campaign.  Of course he may be too feckless for the task.

 For more bon mots, and mo’ buns, buy the wonderful, hilarious (okay I wrote it so what do I know) book  My Brain Has A Mind Of Its Own.

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