That AOC Train

I have tried to avoid partisan subjects for humor on these posts, but Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’ Green New Deal is too delicious to resist.  Among other things, she wants to get rid of cars and have everyone take the train.

cartoon train bw

For those of you have not  heard the original, here it is on You Tube.

And here’s my version:

For other wild and wonderful song parodies try the book.  

For those who would rather not suffer my singing, here are the words:

Driving that train, lacking a brain
AOC you’d better learn to read.
Things in your head make you look blind
Sounds like you are talkin’ out your behind,
This young leftist feeds us aline
Though her IQ’s under 79.
Has no compunction, hasn’t a clue
But she seems to believe she knows better than you.
Trouble ahead, did you hear what she said?
If cows keep farting we’ll all soon be dead.
Tax man stealin’ all that you’re due
So if AOC wins we’re all gonna get screwed,
The trouble with you is your unending greed.
Government could provide all that you need.
Free education and jobs she won’t fail ya
Cuz we all know how well this worked in Venezuela